What is DMA 145?

DMA 145 is a class at Mercer County Community College, aka Introduction to Web design using a professional software application. Focuses on principles of design and interactivity. Students learn how to create images for the Web, manage files, organize imagery using tables, style text using cascading style sheets, create animated gifs, and add interactivity using basic Java behaviors. HTML knowledge is useful but not required. http://www.mccc.edu/outlines/dma/dma145.pdf


2 thoughts on “What is DMA 145?

  1. Discussion Question. The musicians website that I choose Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar is a prolific English song Writter. After I made a entry into his website, I find out that it’s very plain, simple and modern with a lot of black and white colors. After a careful navigation through the site, I came to find out that there are a lot of options to follow on to get through the site. When it comes to the colors, it’s mostly black, white and grey and a extra color for the videos that will take you straight to YouTube/vevo. Kendrick Lamar best known as K.Dot is an American hip hop artist who’s setting an example today for the youth in the black community to focus. His music can be used to highlight setting and mood. We all know that Black and white represent a situation that’s easy for a one to understand what’s right and wrong. So using it on his website clearly indicates the situation that he be speaking of in his music.


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