Week 6 (2/24, 2/29, 3/2)

spoon feeding in the long run - EM Forster cc-by lemasney

Agenda for Week 6


What is the attendance/grading policy for this class?

  • Let’s look at the Syllabus.
  • Originally: 4 absences is an automatic withdrawal. Several of you would be withdrawn.
  • There is no difference between an excused absence and an absence. Sickness, etc. is absence. Be here.
  • Presence and participation is 20% of your grade. Having the work in on time and being able to defend it on the presentation day is key.
  • As always: Each project/presentation is also 20% of your grade.

Tell me about your progress in Dreamweaver demos by explaining something (anything) you learned there.

Show me your progress in Codecademy.

Show me your USB keys.

Tell me what your site is going to be about.


Using the CSS Zen Garden files in Dreamweaver



Continue to use Adobe’s Dreamweaver tutorials.



Continue your effort towards finishing the Codecademy course on HTML and CSS



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