Project 4

those who wish to sing cc-by lemasney
those who wish to sing cc-by lemasney


In project 4, you will be developing a web presence. You will develop an online identity using whatever tools you wish to create and publish the site. The site can be a part of a service, social media platform, etc. It must be a working, world accessible site, such as WordPress, but can be Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, etc.


The effort for the project should be new, starting as of April 18th, and gathered around the main topic, such as a portfolio, etc. rather than reconstituted from some other project outside of class. The site should have at least 20 destinations (nodes, posts, pages, etc.) of original content from after April 18th. On our last day (May 9th), you will answer some variant of the following questions while demonstrating your site content for the class.

  1. What did you use to develop your site? How does the navigation work?
  2. How was it different/similar from other tools we used in the class? How do you make changes?
  3. What customization methods did you use? Was there a way to edit CSS or HTML?
  4. How does this reflect you (or not)? What imagery, design, palette, texture, and photographic choices did you make?
  5. Is there a use for this in your future?

Remaining timeline:

April 18th: Project 3 final review, Project 4 Introduced.

April 25th:Project 4 topic confirmed and first efforts reviewed.

May 2nd: Progress reviewed. Presentation demonstration.

May 9th: Final presentations