Project 1 – Personal [Historical Biography Page]

For this project you will pick a historical figure who died before 1923. You will create a webpage in the style of wikipedia for that figure that conveys who that person was through the text and through the design. You will use the text from wikipedia and create your own images in Photoshop or from public domain images. The only requirements are that you can only use one representational image of the person, the rest of the images must be non-representational.

Project 1 Rubric

Project 2: Retail Website

Shoe Source, the giant web-based shoe store, has hired you to create a shoe boutique for them. The new boutiques will respond to the criticism that their main site is too overwhelming. You can choose to work on any one of the five boutique stores, which will be named The Office, The Gym, The Runway, Roots, or Skate Park.  Each boutique will be independent from the main site and will even launch in a new window so it is not important that you maintain the look and feel of the main website. Your only design constraints are that you must incorporate the logo and the product pictures that I give you.

For this site you will be designing one page–the catalogue page. On the catalogue page you will present them with thumbnails of the shoes they can choose from.

Project 2 Rubric

Project 3: Promotional Website

For this project you will be creating a website for a new restaurant opening in New York named Thyme. The restaurant is a new venture by Alice Waters, a world-renowned chef who founded Chez Panisse in California in 1980. Chez Panisse has been recognized with many awards and accolades–most recently it was honored as the twentieth best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine.

This new restaurant will focus on seasonal ingredients from sustainable locally grown farms. The interior will be decorated with sustainable earth friendly materials that reflect Alice Water’s interest in pure and healthy living.

Project 3 Rubric

Project 4: Book Website [Entertainment]

Book publishers have decided to start creating website for the books they publish. Their inspiration are the websites that are created to launch movies. For this project you will choose a book that was published before 1923 and is in the public domain. You will create a website that entertains the user and advertises the book.

You will create one page that is interactive and draws the user into the story, one page where you can order the book, and two or three other pages that present information about the book like the characters, plot ect. You can use public domain photographs, the original images from the book or hand drawn images to illustrate your website. Your website must feature the following components:

  • video or audio
  • JQuery interactivity (hide and show, fadeIn/fadeOut or draggable)
  • JQuery or CSS animation
  • working order form

Project 4 Rubric