DMA-145 Syllabus

In this class each student will develop a series of websites using the website development tool Adobe Dreamweaver to code HTML and CSS. In each project students will explore the conceptual issues that face a web designer in addition to learning the technical skills involved in creating websites. Over the course of the semester we will look at topics like how design elements can communicate identity or how our online conversations are mediated by the interactive elements that define the web environment. Our goal in this course will be to try to identify the artistic opportunities unique to the web environment.



Analyze research and develop a creative brief that includes profiles of the target audience, a selection of messages, a list of goals, and the technical requirements for the website.

Create a visual design that uses type, color, and imagery harmoniously and creatively to express the messages specified in the creative brief.

Develop a website using professional image editing and web development software that demonstrates the web techniques demonstrated in class.

Design a website that meets the required deadlines and technical requirements specified in the creative brief.

Analyze the visual and information design of websites created by peers and by professional design studios.



In this class there are four web design projects including the final project. At the beginning of each project you will read a page on this website that explains the goals, requirements and timeline of that project. Please take note of the due dates–late assignments will only be accepted for a week after they are due. Work that is turned in after class on the day it is due will be considered late. The highest grade that late projects can receive is a C.


During each project there will be a weekly assignment. For the weekly assignment you will turn in part of the project. You will be graded on the timeliness and completeness of your assignment.


In addition to the projects there is also a presentation that will be assigned towards the end of the semester. This presentation will expose you to the work of many of the leading web design studios.


The online journal assignment is designed to help you find web designers and sites that inspire you. For each comment that you write you can get 0-8 points. You will receive points for completeness, thoughtfulness, timeliness and quality of writing.


Your final grade will be compiled from the grades you receive on your projects throughout the semester, your presentation grade and your participation grade. Each grade will be weighted as follows:

Discussion Questions 10%
Weekly Assignments 5%
Presentation 5%
Project 1: Personal 20%
Project 2: Promotional 20%
Project 3: Retail 20%
Project 4: Educational 20%

Project Evaluation

For each project there is a rubric attached that explains the criteria used for grading the assignment.

Each project will be evaluated on four factors.

Visual Messages
Visual Design
Technical Skill Degree of Difficulty
Technical Skill Execution
File Structure




We do not use a textbook in this class. Instead we will rely upon online resources like and – If you feel like you need more information or are falling behind you can purchase through the bookstore (a more expensive but more comprehensive access) or through the email link I will send you.

You will also need headphones.

You might also need additional art supplies like scissors, tape and pencil.


Attendance in this class is critical. In each class you will learn skills that you will build upon in subsequent classes. It is very important that if you miss a class you make-up the work that you missed by reviewing the appropriate section of the website. You should also visit my office during my office hours to get a summary of what I went over in class.

I keep track of attendance by putting out a sign-in sheet at the beginning of class. I will change it to a late attendance sheet after 10 minutes and remove it after 30 minutes. If your name is not on the sheet you will be considered absent. If you are late to class three times I will consider that equal to once absence. I do not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences. Each student is allowed up to 4 absences, after the 4th absence you will be withdrawn. If it is after the withdrawal deadline you will fail.


In this course there are many opportunities for lively discussion and debate, however there is no place for rude or derogatory remarks. When you speak you must speak respectfully of all people–including your peers and myself. If you say something that is disrespectful you will be given a warning and then asked to leave.


I want each of you to be successful in this class. I want you to make work that that inspires you and your peers. I want you to push me and the other students to find new ways of approaching the materials and the tools we are using. I want you to emerge an innovative and creative new media artist. I am here to support you in these goals. If you have any questions, small or large, technical or conceptual, please come see me.

I can also make an appointment to meet with you at another time that is more convenient. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are having trouble or need help. Any student in this class who has special needs because of a disability is entitled to receive accommodations. Eligible students at Mercer County Community College are assured services under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

If you believe you are eligible for services, please contact Arlene Stinson, the Director of Academic Support Services. Ms. Stinson’s office is LB221, and she can be reached at (609) 570-3525.