Weeks 7-8

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  • Week 7 is 3/7 and 3/9.
  • Week 8 is Spring Break (3/14-3/16).


  1. We are not meeting on Monday March 7th (today).
  2. We are meeting on Wednesday March 9th.You should have made significant progress (e.g.50%) on Codecademy and your 6 page site by then.
  3. We are not meeting during Spring Break (3/14-3/16).
  4. Project 2 is due to be presented on 3/21.


Presentation: Developing your personal brand (lemasney).


  1. If you are lost, confused, or otherwise troubled, contact me by phone at 609 553 9498.
  2. Finish Codecademy course on HTML and CSS by 3/21.
  3. Finish Project 2, a 6 page web site on a topic of your choice, and be prepared to present it upon our returnĀ on 3/21.


An additional note on my lecture about the principles of design:

6 Principles of Design